Apple Cider Prosciutto Green Beans

Apple Cider Prosciutto Green Beans

Smoked green beans?  Yeah, so good.  This amazing green bean recipe got me super excited for the holidays.  The mix between the sweet hint of apple cider and the saltiness of the prosciutto had my taste buds doing back-flips.  Yes really, back-flips.

The cool thing about this recipe is that you can make them as smokey as you like on your Hasty-Bake, if you have a dutch oven, just by removing and replacing the lid during the simmer time.  I used a cast-iron dutch oven because it works the best for me in a charcoal grill.  Its already black (so the smoke doesn’t discolor it) and it can take a beating.  In fact, I am obsessed with using cast-iron in the Hasty-Bake for tons of recipes.   Also, the versatility of the Hasty-Bake allows you to cook this dish as slow or as fast as you need to to time your dinner perfectly.  If your beans are cooking too fast, lower the firebox or put the dutch oven on the indirect side of your grill.

Tip:  don’t worry so much about the thermometer with this dish, cooking over a direct flame with the lid open will not be the same as smoking food for long periods of time.  My thermometer at one point said 150 degrees and another time said 300.  Cooking with cast-iron allows you to cook with the lid open for extended periods of time because of how well it retains heat!  Like cooking on a stove top!

I also used turkey stock for this recipe instead of plain ol’ chicken stock… why you say?  Well… if you are like me, you have turkey stock during the holidays from cooking turkeys, SO why not use your Thanksgiving turkey drippings and stock to make one heck of a green bean dish? Don’t get me wrong, chicken stock works well for this dish too!  Just thought it would be a fun twist on a traditional dish.


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