Apple Cider & Whiskey-Basted Chicken

Apple Cider & Whiskey-Basted Chicken

Let me tell you, if there was a smell-o-vision option on the screen, I would turn it on for you folks.  The sweet aroma of cider and cinnamon mixed sage and thyme left me begging for the holidays to be here in a hurry!  We originally developed this recipe because Hasty-Bake has an AWESOME baster-pan that is manufactured to fit in place of one of your grill grates perfectly and we wanted to show it off.  By using the baster pan, I can now free up my oven during the holidays to use for other goodies, or I can use it in place of my oven all-together.  In just a matter of about 4 hours, I had a full meal ready to go that was so beautiful, we ALMOST didn’t want to eat it… key word there… almost HA!

I used a whole chicken (about 4 lbs), but the large baster pan can fit a 12-14lb bird in it easily.  Even though this recipe is only for the chicken and the gravy.  I also made a quick dressing that cooked along-side my baster pan on the other grill grate over indirect heat.  The baster pan was put in place of the grill grate nearest the firedoor.  Once I got the fire going, I put the baster pan in and lowered my firebox down all the way without the heat deflector, opened up all my vents, and then shut the firedoor.  If you are going to keep airflow from going underneath the firebox, you’ll want to make sure your coals are nice and hot before lowering it so it doesn’t get snuffed out.  IF your coals are lit well enough, the vents on either side of the grill should be enough airflow to keep your fire hot.

I also used about 2 fist-sized pieces of apple wood (not soaked) after I got my food on the grill.  I also threw two more pieces on when I added more basting fluid (about an hour later).  One cool thing I learned is that you don’t need to spray the pan before you use it IF you are basting.  The liquid provided a non-stick surface.  If you aren’t basting and your are using it to bake something like a lasagna, I would probably recommend to spray that puppy down with non-stick spray before use AKA “Pam”.

Finally, I added acorn squash, seeded and halved, with some butter and cinnamon half way through the cook so I could have some veggies.  You can substitute potatoes, summer squash, carrots, onions, etc.

This dish turned out to be one of the favorites around the Hasty-Bake shop.  It definitely didn’t last long on the gorgeous plate that I had ready for serving– so I hope it’s the same way with your household.

Happy grilling y’all!!

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