Blue Cheese Bacon-Wrapped Dates

Blue Cheese Bacon-Wrapped Dates

Where do I start with this …  the tang of the blue cheese, the saltiness of the bacon, the spiciness of the jalapeno and the sweetness of the dates…… BAM!  Blue Cheese Bacon-Wrapped Dates = party in your mouth.  These usually don’t even make it to a plate when I get done cooking them at my house.  People usually just help themselves right off the grill and like that, they’re gone.  I actually make a few different batches each time I make them, because some people just don’t like blue cheese (WHAT?).  I will stuff some of them with goat cheese or cream cheese. For the little ones, just leave out the jalapeno in a few and they will eat them up too!  Either way, cheese is amazing.

I tried them with all different kinds of cheese and found that blue cheese is the best way to go for me. It complements the sweetness of the dates and the saltiness of the bacon. By far one of my favorite go-to’s for a fun appetizer for Valentine’s Day or the Super Bowl…. wait…who are we kidding, it’s one of my favorite things at any time of year.

Dates can sometimes be a little difficult to find in some parts of the country, but most of the time, you can go to your local produce person at your local grocery store and they can order them in for you if you need a large enough quantity.  What is a date?  Glad you asked…  it is the fruit from a date palm that has a ridiculous amount of nutrients and vitamins that are packed into a tiny little body.  Date palms are tricky trees that require several harvests because not all fruit is ready to be picked at the same time.  Some of the first harvests for these palms are 7-10 years after they have been planted initially.  Ok, enough about the dates…. now hurry and go make these scrumptious little treats!

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