Chef Ted Reader's Slash and Grill Jerk Chicken w/ Honey Rum Baste

Chef Ted Reader’s Slash and Grill Jerk Chicken w/ Honey Rum Baste

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What does the word Jerk come from?

According to most food history authorites, like Alan Davidson, and John Mariani jerk is a Spanish word that comes via the Peruvian word charqui, a word for dried strips of meat like what we call Jerky, in much of the world. The word started as a noun and then became a verb as in “Jerking” which meant to poke holes in the meat so the spices could permeate the meat. Jerk cooking experts like native Jamaican and author Helen Willinsky of “Jerk from Jamaica” says that the name Jerk also could have come from the turning of the meat in the marinade or from the way some folks will just jerk a strip from the roast on the BBQ. We just don’t really know.

Jerk chicken is arguably one of the tastiest ways to cook and season chicken.  Chef Ted Reader gives us his rendition of jerk chicken and WOW, this flavor just tumbles on your taste buds.   This has got to be a go to when cooking for a crowd or a party.  It’s absolutely gorgeous and delightful.

Known as the ‘Godfather of the Grill’, Chef Ted Reader’s charm and fearless culinary spirit has led Ted to become an award-winning chef, author, food and product innovation entertainer and a professor of Modern Culinary Applications Innovations at the Canadian Food and Wine Institute at Niagara College.

Ted’s culinary adventure began at George Brown College Chef School in Toronto, which to date has paved the way for his dynamic career. He cooks for all walks of life from swanky corporate affairs; to backyard BBQ parties and summer festivals.

Ted’s passion for all things smoked and grilled is extremely contagious. You’ll often find him spreading his gospel of BBQ at live cooking demonstrations and TV and radio appearances that keep fans salivating for more!

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