Greek Dijon Lamb Chops

Greek Dijon Lamb Chops

It is important to call your butcher ahead of time, especially before a holiday to reserve your meat. It can be difficult to find at times, and many times, it is frozen, especially in areas where lamb is not a prominent dish. Also, make sure to have them prepare it for you. It saves A LOT of time…
Not a lamb fan? Try this exact method on a nice beef filet! Either way, it’s the perfect Valentine’s Day recipe!

Tip: If you have not invested in a grill surface thermometer, do so… It is one of the best little contraptions on the market besides a meat thermometer. What some folks don’t realize is that the grill surface is always hotter than what the hood thermometer temperature is. Why you ask? Because the reading on the hood thermometer is the air temperature in the hood, not the grill surface! Science is cool…
When you smoke meat, your grill surface needs to stay between 225-275 degrees as well as keeping your cabin temperature around 225-250 degrees.

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