Grilled Italian Margaritas

Italian margaritas are my go-to cocktail when I’m entertaining, since I developed this recipe years ago. I made a grilled version for my Hasty-Bake Dinner Party cooking class at the Hasty-Bake headquarters, and they were a big hit! Grilling the lemons and limes really adds an interesting dynamic. Many Italian margarita recipes call for Amaretto, but mine does not. The caramelization of the citrus, when grilled, makes it almost tastes and looks like there’s been a little Amaretto added to it. I cannot tell you just how amazing these are, so you have to try them for yourself!

We used the Portable 369 Charcoal Grill to grill the fruit for our grilled margaritas. The Portable is our “go anywhere” Hasty-Bake and it’s perfect for tailgate parties, apartments, and outdoor activities-wherever you get hungry. Click here to purchase one for yourself!

Grilled Italian Margarita

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