Hasty-Bake Savory Pot Roast

Hasty-Bake Savory Pot Roast

Friends don’t let friends put their Hasty-Bake’s away for the winter.  Especially when you can create some awesome, hearty meals like this one.  This is perfect for those fall evenings or an awesome Sunday family dinner that will warm you to the bone.  It is also a great way to cook for the masses or have left overs to eat through-out the whole week.

My husband and I love to spend our time cooking together and developing recipes.  Most of you have had pot roast once or twice in your life time and for me, it just creates the feeling of home.  The best part about this recipe is that the longer it simmers, the more tender the beef becomes.  Kind of like a pork butt….

No need to trim any fat off of this cut of meat, it is just going to render down and go back into the stock.  Yes, amazing….  I know.  Also, what is nice about this recipe, is that you can literally just let this thing cook without having to constantly check internal temps of meat.  You really just need to check your fire periodically and go back to watching football or playing with the kiddos.

You will need a 5-7 qt, fire safe dutch oven with a tight fitting lid.  I used a cast iron version… its magical.  Also, I used pecan wood chunks for my smoke flavor, but this hearty dish can easily stand up to hickory.

From my table to yours, enjoy!

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