Pit Buddies Smoked Mac and Cheese

Pit Buddies Smoked Mac and Cheese

Where to begin with Mac and Cheese?  To most southerners, it’s home.  It’s comfort.  It’s sitting around the dinner table with your family and talking about your day.

The smokey, gooey goodness is definitely not your waistline’s best friend, but it is certainly your taste buds best friend.  If you were to make this dish for a holiday gathering or a get together, you won’t be bringing home the leftovers, because there won’t be anything left to bring home.

One fantastic ingredient is bacon fat…  so after you cook bacon for breakfast one morning, run the grease from the pan through a strainer and into a heat resistant container, cover it, and store it in the fridge until you are ready to make this dish.  Don’t want to use bacon fat?  You can also use regular old butter.

There are three different types of cheese in this dish, but you can easily substitute one type of cheese out for another your prefer, but make sure to trade it out for a cheese with the same cream and melting consistencies so you don’t end up with a funky texture.

It is easy to think of mac and cheese as the ultimate children’s dish, but trust us…  this dish will please even the most grown-up adults.  YUMMY!

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