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Bone-in Ham on the Hasty Bake

Bone-in Ham

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This is a great Holiday ham recipe from our friends over at BurnCo BBQ from last year’s Hasty Bake cooking class! Make sure to check out Adam’s ham demonstration on the HowTo tab!



  1. Remove skin and hard fat piece off the ham (preferably in one large piece), keep and set aside for cooking process.
  2. Slice from top to bottom in a spiral motion (both directions) to create hatch design once cooking process is complete. Slices should not exceed half inch for hatch design.
  3. Lay hard fat, skin piece on grill, fat side up, and stand ham up on end on top of hard fat.
  4. Cook at 225 degrees for about 15-30 minutes per pound until internal temp reaches 140 degrees.
  5. *Optional-add soaked wood chips for more smoke flavor!
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