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Nord’s Coal Kissed Corn on the Cob

Coal Kissed Corn

Prep time:

5 minutes

Cook time:

5 minutes

Difficulty level:


This recipe is from the Hasty Bake cookbook Grilling Grants Way-Cooking Over Coals. We were all skeptical over here at the Outdoor Test Kitchen, but this corn really doesn’t need butter!


  • 4 Ears of corn
  • Sea Salt
  • Water


  1. Husk and remove the silk from your selected ears of corn.
  2. After you’ve taken the steak off the grill, lay down the four cobs.
  3. Using a good set of tongs, turn the corn slightly every minute or so.
  4. You’re looking for dark plum kernels.
  5. Keep rotating the corn until you’ve completely seared the kernels.
  6. Pull the corn off of the grill, bathe them in salt water in a shallow baking dish, and eat them while hot.
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