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Prosciutto Wrapped Brie

Wrapped Brie

Difficulty level:

Intermediate, Simple

Here’s one for the cheese lovers in your life. Gooey, melty brie gets a smoke bath with some savory seasoning and some sweet heat pepper jelly. Break out your cameras, this one’s going to make all your friends jealous!


  • Wheel of Brie
  • Kosmos Peach Jalapeno Rib Glaze
  • All Qued Up Big Red Beef Rub (or your favorite rub)
  • Prosciutto


  1. Unwrap brie and layer prosciutto on top in a star pattern, covering all surfaces.
  2. Flip brie over and tuck the prosciutto the other side. Continue until all brie is covered.
  3. Season well with your favorite rub (we used All Qued Up Big red Beef rub).
  4. Fire your Hasty Bake grill up to 300 degrees and place wheel of cheese on a rack, offset of the fire.
  5. Smoke for around 45 minutes, until you can probe with a toothpick and you’re sure the inside has completely liquefied.
  6. Pour rib glaze all over cheese and put back on the grill for an additional 15 minutes until glaze firms up.
  7. Decorate a serving plate with your preferred dipping chips and place cheese in middle.
  8. Slice cheese like a pizza and allow it to run all over plate. Serve and allow people to dip into molten wheel of goodness!
  9. Enjoy!
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