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Pulled Pork


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Sometimes you just have to throw it back with a basic barbecue classic. This pulled pork recipe can be adapted a million different ways and cooked at various temperatures, but it’s generally hard to screw up. The outstanding combination of Hasty Bake smoke, juicy pork, crunchy bark, and savory seasonings just never gets old.


  • 1 whole bone-in pork butt
  • Cattle Call Seasoning


  1. Slice pork butt in half, along the top side of the bone, like a book.
  2. Trim off all fat that is greater than ¼” high.
  3. Season all surfaces heavily with Cattle Call. Place in smoker, offset from fire, at 275-300 degrees.
  4. After 4 hours, your internal temperature should be around 175 degrees.
  5. Remove butt from grill and place on double layers of heavy-duty foil, wrapping tightly.
  6. Place back in grill for another 1-1.5 hours, or until internal temp is around 203 degrees.
  7. Vent foil and then wrap back up to rest for 1 hour. Then open foil, remove the bone and shred the meat.
  8. Add a light dusting of seasoning and a little of your favorite BBQ sauce to the mix.
  9. Pile high on a hamburger bun, top with a cold, crunchy pickle, another drizzle of sauce and enjoy!
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Michael Slater
Michael Slater
7 months ago

I’ve followed this recipe 4-5 times and it’s never failed!

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