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Rich’s Almost Famous Ribeye

Rich Ribeye

Prep time:

60 minutes

Cook time:

7 minutes

Difficulty level:


The story goes that Hasty-Bake owner Rich Alexander tied for 1st place in a competition with this recipe, but ended up in 2nd place due to some technicality. I can tell you all of us at the Outdoor Test Kitchen couldn’t believe how good this simple recipe really is. We hate to admit it but it was quite possibly the best ribeye we have ever had.

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Hasty-Bake Greek Seasoning
Dale’s Steak Seasoning


  • 2 ribeyes cut 1 inch thick
  • Hasty-Bake Greek Seasoning
  • Dale’s Steak Seasoning or Soy Sauce


  1. Generously rub both sides of the ribeyes with Hasty-Bake Greek Seasoning and let sit for 1 hour.
  2. Over high heat, sear ribeyes on each side for 3-4 minutes per side or until medium rare.
  3. Right before pulling off of the heat, brush with Dale’s or soy sauce.
  4. Let rest for 5 minutes then enjoy.
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